About Honey & Hemp Soap Co

Honey & Hemp Soap Co exists to create beautiful self-care products that are a joy to use and earth friendly. We are inclusive and create soaps and body products for all personalities and preferences from the purist and naturalist to the fancy ones who like a little extra sparkle in their lives. We believe having a fun and lovely bath and shower experience is a great way to start or end your day. We believe self care is an important part of overall wellness and scents and fragrances have a powerful ability to impact our moods and memories. We are on a journey to create the highest quality body products that are healthier for our skin, healthier for earth and everyone can enjoy. Our products are made from skin safe and organic ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible (ex: honey, coffee, beer and lavender!). We use organic butters and oils and all ingredients are free from sulfates, palm oils, phthalates , petroleums, and dimethicone and gluten free. We use bio-degradable glitter and micas, essential oils and skin safe fragrances. Many of our products are all natural and vegan but I do use honey in several of my products. Honey has so many wonderful properties! It creates luxurious bubbles in soap, helps with multiple skin conditions, a sustainable product and earth friendly.  I also include hemp oil in ALL my products  - it is a wonderful moisturizer, does not clog pores and safe for all skin types and also a sustainable product. We keep our packaging simple, use recyclable materials and keep waste to a minimum because we love our outdoors and want to take care of our environment for future generations to enjoy. Our motto is "love your skin and love earth -use soap!" Thank you for taking an interest in our store!